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Jun 7, 2016

How To Create A Legendary Love For Life

When it comes to relationship transformation, my guest, Dave Elliott is a noted expert, author, international speaker and an accomplished coach who gets results for his clients all over the world. He’s especially gifted at teaching smart, amazing women how to bring out the very best in men – rather than suffering through their worst. Whether he’s sharing his expertise in books or products or on some of today’s most widely-read relationship websites or on TV, radio or stage — OR EVEN ON INCREDIBLE PODCASTS TARGETED JUST TO PEAK PERFORMERS LIKE YOU –  you’ll come away with the new awareness, skills and strategies to get the breakthrough results you really want and need. 


Mark Gungor - Men's Brain Women's Brain - YouTube
Jan 13, 2008 - the hilarious standup about the differences between men's brain & women's brain more funny videos at:
Mark Gungor - Men's Brain Women's Brain
the hilarious standup about the differences between men's brain & women's brain more funny videos at:



Interesting Facts or projects:


1) I am a featured author in the forthcoming book Essential Wisdom™ book. My chapter is on: 

Marriage & Creating an Awakened Relationship. How To Create A Legendary Love For Life

Essential Secrets For Not Just Getting Engaged – But Staying Engaged In A Life-Long Partnership 

There are 33 authors involved in this project, each one writing on their expertise in every category of life…from birth through death and everything in between…Love, dating & breaking up…Finding your passion or mission to mastering business, work and finances...from personal mastery to effectively navigating every emotion or circumstance you can think of...pleasure and pain…joy and sorrow...gratitude and suffering...self-esteem, parenting, health…you name it, we cover it.


– This book has already been endorsed by your recent guest, Joe Williams, as well as Joseph McClendon III, Bob Buckley, and more.




2) Reinventing yourself from “failure.” My life business…my mission…my MARRIAGE…NONE of it would have been possible had I not gone through my most painful moment - a divorce in 1999. 

“When you finally figure out how your WORST moment…was actually your BEST moment…that’s when you’ve mastered life. And if you can remember that in REAL TIME…while you’re going through a tough time…that’s when you’re unstoppable. (And life gets A LOT easier!!)"


– Truly EVERYTHING in life comes to serve you. I teach Imago…a life-changing school of therapy for relationships. Essentially, nothing is happening to drive you crazy. It’s happening for your highest and best good so you can finally HEAL FOR GOOD. (Example) huge breakthrough last week with client



3) I’m also the author of The Catch Your Match Formula™ - a game-changing instruction manual on how to write an incredible dating profile that gets results! My clients got some amazing breakthroughs and success stories — ALL 5-star reviews!!

  • Top 100 dating profiles in Australia in just 8 days
  • Incredible Valentines date in 3 hours
  • Woman who went from dating baggage handler at the airport to captain of the plane almost immediately
  • Already have multiple people solidly moving toward marriage…and book is only a little over a year old

            – Widow with twin girls…12 years alone…bad experience online…found love

            – 2nd widow…2 kids…thinks she found the one…

            – Partner in law firm…thinks he found the one…



4) My next project…I am creating a program that helps couples find the pinch-points and possible personality conflicts in their relationships so they can PROACTIVELY trouble-shoot and navigate possible challenges before they pop up and sabotage their chances for success. It’s based on DiSC Profile assessment and I call it the


Compat-Ability™ Predictor program


Trouble-shooting assessment asks the question “what DON'T I see…and HOW can I navigate it effectively?”



Thank you once again for listening
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