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Dec 2, 2019

Chad Peterson is a serial entrepreneur, Author, and Expert Business Broker. He successfully handles business transactions across the United States and abroad in some cases. Deals from 1 million to 25 million, and in some cases exceeding 25 million. He handles the transactions from start to finish with tenacity and results. He lives a wonderful life, traveling and making deals with movers and shakers throughout the world, but that is not where it started.

It started long ago as a young kid who was impressed by those who were moving and shaking, the business owners, the ones who seemed to have nice things and were not on someone else’s clock. Chad was driven, not for education, but for business. Somehow Chad knew that his education was not inside those school walls. Walking dogs, shoveling snow, mowing grass, trimming trees, cleaning out gutters. That is how it all started for Chad. Knocking on doors, not being afraid of being told no. He learned how to prospect, how to garner the trust of clients, and learned how to work diligently to earn his money.

He wrote the book From Blue to White, a working man’s guide to self-employment, where he walks an everyday average joe how to start his own business with no money and make $100,000 a year within the 1st year of business. This book has enriched people’s lives and gotten the attention of Scott Alexander of Rhinoceros Success, one of Chad’s favorite authors. Scott Alexander forwarded From Blue to White and endorsed his book to his readers. Rhinoceros Success is a mentality Chad adapted young. Be a charging, full of life, force to be reckoned with, charging animal towards success and your goals. It has served him well.

After selling several of his own businesses, Chad began selling businesses for others along the way. It was mentioned to him softly ‘Chad, you are so good at this, why don’t you help others do it”, and a business was born. Peterson Acquisitions became a major success by using Chads’ mentality of tenacity, hard work, and determination to the business owners that have worked so hard to build what they have built and can’t afford to hand it to a broker that doesn’t match that business owners grit and determination. It must be equally yoked, equally met by both broker and seller. Chad looks for this type of match in his clientele.

He takes that hard work, and determination and grassroots education to the front doors of business owners today and takes them through a process that is oftentimes not understood by the sellers, or buyers, but with his knowledge and guidance he is able to accomplish the Acquisition through grit and determination for both parties.

Chad Peterson works across several sectors of business and sells any type of business. He understands what businesses are worth, what they should be valued and marketed at, and how to accomplish the transaction.

Chad resides in the Midwest, as a Father where he was raised, but travels the world as an avid traveler and adventure seeker. A pilot, boat captain, an avid snowboarder, a well-traveled scuba diver, a bit of a foodie and “Work hard and play hard” is his motto, though even in his travels it is almost always surrounding work.


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